Rumble in the Southern Threshold

Well Groomed

While the rest of the Circle was caring for the sick man from the caravan, Sum-of-Four-Winds saw the caravan through to its destination with no further inconvenience. Just as he got paid and was about to leave, an adolescent boy who was with the caravan, approached him. The boy informed Sum of Four Winds that he had the same kind of mark on his forehead that he had seen on the Anathema.

Sum of Four Winds promptly pulled the boy down a dark alley, and they ducked down behind a barrel and had a very quick, concise conversation about the levity of what they were talking about. In the end, Sum of Four Winds accepted the boy’s companionship, and they formed a plan that the boy would pretend to be his servant while Sum of Four Winds pretended to be a traveling lord from Lookshy. The boy, who simply calls himself Nothing, agrees, stipulating that he’ll expect to get some very nice clothes as payment.

Sum of Four Winds and his new “servant” went carousing around the Delzhan nobles for the day, and quickly befriend someone and get invited to a very nice dinner. During dinner, they find out that Chiaroscuro was recently attacked by The Lap’s naval fleet. Curious, Sum of Four Winds and Nothing head down to the bay and spend awhile looking for any evidence of barbarian corpses in the water.

Nothing swims around in the bay for a bit, and is attacked by marine life. He is narrowly rescued by one of the locals. Moving along, they find a barbarian corpse where the wreckage had drifted into a pile at the edge of the bay. After all that, they call it a night. The following day, they decide to see if the rest of the Circle has arrived in town yet.

Sky is Falling

While traveling to Chiaroscuro, one of the horse grooms by the name of Sky falls ill. Raj spoke with the groom, and his symptoms sounded peculiar. After days more travel, Sky began unable to perform his functions. One of the Circle stepped in and worked for him, and Raj spoke with him further to determine his illness. Turns out, Sky has had heart problems on and off his entire life. Raj recommends an herbal remedy, and sends the rest of the Circle out to find it. They return and the herb helps Sky’s symptoms for a few days, when he becomes incapable of going on.

The caravan leader says they simply do not have time to wait. They have to make it to Chiaroscuro in time for market. Most of the circle agrees to stay behind with Sky to try to see him through his ailment. However, to honor the initial contract of guarding the caravan, Sum-of-Four-Winds so that the circle could still collect payment. Another member of the caravan, a gruff middle aged man insisted he would stay behind to guard Sky against the Anathema.

Despite their efforts, Sky died the next day. In his dying moments, he disclosed to the Circle that someone named Grandmother Bright had prophesied that Sky would meet men clouded in light, and bestowed a sapphire in his possession. He was to have the men clouded in light bring the sapphire back to her. So, his final request was that they do so, and take all of his money back to his family in Chiaroscuro.

Wavedancer cremated the body with his caste power, and the Circle moved on towards Chiaroscuro. Once there, they found Sky’s house based off his directions, and relinquished his wealth, and the message of his passing, to the widow. That being done, they moved on to find Grandmother Bright in the Plaza.

Headed through the Wyld in a Caravan with no name

The super-super short version.

The Circle leaves The Lap with the caravan they’ve arranged to guard. The caravan is headed out for Paragon. On the way, the path becomes strange and foreign, designating the party’s stumbled upon a Wyld zone. The party decides to double-time, not stopping for rest until they are out of the Wyld. The Circle manages to swear the mortals to secrecy, “That which happens in the Wyld, stays in the Wyld.” – Raj witnesses the oath with his caste ability.
During the night, giant flaming scorpions attack the party. They are easily repelled, and Raj manages to salvage strange, fiery stones from their foreheads.
Before long, the sparse landscape instantly lets way to desert. The party boldly travels forward. They find a rock outcropping to shelter them from the daytime sun and heat and decide to take a day’s rest there. When they awaken in the evening, the desert is littered with gemstone statues of warriors doing battle, two gemstone armies frozen in eternal gridlock. The caravan begins looting, and all seems to be safe until a 10-foot tall, nude stunningly beautiful woman with skin of bronze appears before them, demanding answers for their trespasses.
The party fails to come to fair negotation with the Fair Folk noble. They ensue with combat with her. Before long, she submits, and offers a final offer – one horse, and they pass unharmed by her through the desert. The party gets her to agree that they will be free of her wrath whenever they choose to travel through her land.
And so the party moves on, and the statues and the Fairie disappeared…

A Day in the Lap

When last we left off our unlikely crew, they were floating in the bay of the Lap amidst a heated naval battle. Sledge and Wavedancer managed to tread water in their heavy armor just long enough to be rescued by a generous fishing boat, unfortunate enough to be caught among the turmoil. Raj meanwhile was already working on getting himself to land by his own two arms. Wavedancer and Sledge quickly obtained an inn room off the beaten path, and deposited their armor there to avoid excessive attention. They left Sledge’s familiar there to guard it.

The two of them then sought out to find their missing companion. Wavedancer recommended scouring rowdy bars. Most bars this evening were quite rowdy, celebrating their victory against the Chiaroscuron armada. Before too long, they found themselves in a bar when a terrible uprising against a small gang of The Realm’s foot soldiers occurred. Finding it difficult to stand by as the mob got slaughtered, Wavedancer and Sledge intervened, helping defeat the soldiers quickly.

A strange, pale man among the crowd of dark-skinned natives insisted that Wavedancer and Sledge be celebrated as heroes, and encouraged the entire bar to follow them out into the streets towards their liberation. Sledge quickly put a stop to this, and before too long he and Wavedancer resumed their mission to find Raj, hoping to avoid any backup from The Realm.

Alas, such backup was quickly on the way. They managed to duck into a shop just in time to avoid a small platoon of Dragon Blooded. Suddenly, the pale man from the bar appeared, screaming, “Anathema! Anathema!” towards the Terrestrials, begging for the help. He quickly told them a terrible story of how his friends had been dragged off into the sewers by the terrible, golden-blazing beasts. The Captain quickly dispatched a part of the patrol to follow the man back to the scene to investigate. The rest continued on to the bar.

Once the pale man quickly deposited the men into the sewers on a wild goose chase, he promptly returned back to the scene of the bar riot, to see if the commoners had fared well against the rest of the Dragon Blooded. He found all well there, and attempted to coax the captain into further aid. The captained responded quite negatively, and badgered Sum-of-Four-Winds thoroughly, insisting he had something to do with the uprising. Before long, he made a simple offer. That if he were one of the ones responsible, and he sold out the others who slayed his men, he would reward him handsomely. He politely declined, and the captain told him to reconsider, and come see him at his office tomorrow.

The only other thing of note that happened that evening, is that Sum-of-Four-Winds found an odd, three-eared barbarian corpse floating among the wreckage in the bay. Barbarians weren’t present at all during the battle, so he spoke with one of his high-ranking contacts amongst The Lap’s government, insisting the satrap look further into the rest of the wreckage. The man agreed.

The next day, Sum of Four Winds was promptly arrested at his residence and dragged to jail for further ‘reconsideration’ of the day before’s offer. Meanwhile, Sledge and Wavecrasher just so happened to decide to check the local jails for any sign of Raj. As fate would have it, Raj and Sum of Four Winds just happened to be sharing a jail cell. Turns out, Raj had attempted to obtain the Circle a new ship, and had failed.

Sledge managed to bribe the head guard on duty into accepting bail money, in exchange for the promise that they would vacate the city at once and not be seen again for some time. The Circle made good for that promise, and decided to head west back towards Paragon and Chiaroscuro. Sum of Four Winds made arrangements for the party to happen to make money during this journey, by bodyguarding a caravan that was heading towards Paragon anyway. And so, our Circle travels east… always, to the east….

Prologue: Unlikely Hitch Hikers

It was a hot, sunny day on the sea. Sledge had been on that small boat since just before sunrise that morning, fighting it to go the direction he wanted it to, with little luck. He had accomplished getting far enough away from the shore of the Blessed Isle that he could no longer see it just a few hours before noon, which made him significantly more at ease.

Then he spotted the wreckage. Since it lay directly in his path, only another hour passed before the floating crates came into clearer view. That’s when he realized there were two motley survivors attached to those floating crates. They hailed him, begging to be let aboard. He asked what had happened, to which they blamed pirates. Eventually, hesitantly, the young imperialite let the two miserable wretches on board – only after insisting he collect their weapons. Wavedancer dragged one of the large crates aboard the vessel. When asked about it, Raj simply insisted it was their valuable cargo they were importing into the Realm.

The three quickly moved on to an elaborate question and answer session. Raj, the smaller of the two soaked men, delicately twisted occasionally changing stories to explain their predicament. Sledge simply answered most questions vaguely or not at all. Hours went by of verbal parlay, while the newcomers were interrogated, fed, and watered.

Before too long the contents of Wavedancer‘s and Raj’s “import” came into question, and a large set of red jade full plate was revealed – a relic worth more than a sultan’s palace. Sledge became suspicious of their motives, demanded answers, and after Wavedancer donned the armor, promptly knocked him off board. The large man barely managed to stay afloat for a few moments before rope was thrown down to him. After he deftly reascended onto the ship, verbal hostilities continued, and eventually went by the wayside.

Wavedancer crawled into the cabin to rest. Raj attempted to craft a makeshift fishing pole and line. After nearly two hours, he finally hefted a small fish aboard. Sledge) proceeded to make a vast display of power, his entire red-gold sunlight encompassing half of the entire boat, as he drew on enough essence to fuel the Celestial Circle of sorcerery. Raj took a few steps back, and before long red arcane runes appeared on Sledge’s hands. He then touched the fish, they vanished, and it promptly cooked whole.

Naturally, another round of verbal exchanges began again. Wavedancer was awakened by the commotion and light, and joined as well. Soon, they spotted a dot on the northern horizon. That dot was an Imperial warship. The unlikely crew decided, once they saw it was clearly gaining on them, to about-face and meet the ship head on.

Sledge pulled on most of the rest of his essence to invoke invulnerable skin of bronze. He staged himself on the ship, while Wavedancer steered the ship. Raj lay ready in the small crow’s nest.

Once they engaged the Realm’s vessel, fiery arrows rained down upon our heroes’ sails. They ignored it, intent on stealing their opponents’ larger vessel. The Dragon-Blooded soldier in charge of this Wild Hunt foray proclaimed he was here to reclaim the general’s son from the demon that had possessed him, by relieving him of all of his blood.

The battle ensued. When it looked bleak for the Wild Hunt, one of the few men left standing set fire to their own sails, spiting out a curse and proclaiming that the Anathema would go down with him. The Solars killed every last man on board that ship, and then managed to extinguish the flames aboard the Wild Hunt vessel – but not before the sails and most of the rigging was burnt to ashes.

It was three days of hard rowing before they reached their destination of The Lap. When they arrived there, they saw The Lap’s armada in the middle of a fierce battle with the navy of Chiaroscuro. One of the ships demonstrated impressive skill, landing a cannonball nearly 2 leagues away into the Imperial warship our heroes happened to be upon. And so we leave off.


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